Hi, youve reached the website of Emily Guez. Below, please find a brief directory of my work. Feel free toleave a message and Ill get back to you as soon as possible!


Analog Variable Type Tool, 2018

A tool that allows you—via its 8-pronged design—to draw a custom font with eight weights all in one go!

Atlas, a.k.a Sisyphus was a Housewife, 2018

A 16-page publication that ties the fate of homemakers and housewives to that of Sisyphus, with their shared repetitive, endless tasks.



Connective Drawing

A cross-body conective tissue that turns five people into one super-entity made up of 4 arms and 1 brain; a drawing exercise that invites unexpected forms cooperation. In collaboration with ↝ Wei-Hao Wang.


Difference & Repetition Poster Series

A series of posters which showcase the concept of difference & repetition by emphasizing the use of accents aigus.


Enclothed Invention Experiment

An 8h performance in which I become 8 different versions of myself via the suggestive power of “costume” to see if different outfits lead to different creative outputs.


Fifty-Fifty Type

A typeface in which each letter is made up of exactly the same amount of pixels and its fun interactive type specimen.

Furniture Utopias

A speculative project in which I consider what would happen if we designed furniture to suit our emotional and psychological needs rather than just our physical ones.


Graphic Design Inventor’s Lab, 2019

Graphic designers tend to use a standard stead of tools, namely, Adobe. Instead, I create a portable “lab” filled with a wide variety of tools and become a design “inventor”.


How To Do Things With Things, 2020

My MFA thesis book, in which I explore the use of “performative objects” as a method of design. ↝ You can watch me present my thesis work here.


Illuminating , 2019

A short workshop in which the audience tries to draw an unknown creature — a crocodile—with as much information as a Medieval manuscript illuminator would have had.




Larsseit Type Specimen, 2019

A fun little type specimen I designed & animated.

Level Up Stairs, 2018

A public installation that turns the act of climbing 4 steep flights of stairs into a video game like experience—except your legs realy hurt at the end.


Mirror Maze, 2018

A freestanding viewfinder that turns any room into participatory experience where the viewers, first expecting to see another part of the room, end up delighting in seeing each other.




Paper Doll Tabs, 2020

An installation that uses life-sized paper dolls as an invitation to physically engage with and learn more about forgotten first-person histories.



Room 402, 2019

An installation in which a room is viewed through the eyes of google’s image search algorithm.


Scanner Portraits, 2018

A series of portraits of my studiomates in which the tool used — a portable scanner — evokes the strangeness of memory.

Self as Google Image, 2018

A multi-week experiment in which I try to get Google to see me as something other than “girl.”

Strange Gifts, 2020

A 32-page newspaper that looks at the history of local New England towns in a contemporary context. Made in collaboration with ↝ Hilary duPont based on a trip we took together.

Some Good Things, 2020

A curated groupings of artists and their thoughts on their work, for contemplation and inspiration.


The Future Looms (poster), 2019

A poster for an exhibit that weaves together the history of the Jacquard loom with that of early computer programming.

THINGS: Objects & their Stories, 2018

A tiny exhibition that uses the trope of displays of design objects to tell the more personal stories of those who own them. In collaboration with ↝Hilary duPont.

Tool Box, 2019

A Fluxus-inspired “toolkitthat playfully invites participants to “make a tool they want to use.” With the same starting tools, they each make something completely different.

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UNESCO Site: the Vézère Valley, 2017

An identity system for the UNESCO sites on the Vezere Valley which features dozens of prehistoric caves, including the famous Lascaux.



Weaving Ourselves into the Future, 2019

An exhibition (model) and series of booklet that gives textile arts their place in the various important social, political and technological contexts.

Web of Hours, 2018

A participatory website that gives you a different activity to perform every hour, with customizable secondary actions and inspirational images and writings. ↝Try it live.




Zobeide Illustration (from Calvino), 2017

An illustration for Calvino’s Invisible City Zobeide, in which men attempt to trap a woman running through their dreams.

Emily Guez is a designer and human who is currently living in Providence, RI. She previously worked full-time as a freelancer, bringing her expertise in custom branded editorials to large publishers (Dotdash / about.com, The Atlantic, Conde Nast), but is looking to pivot into more experiential and participatory work after making that the focus of her graduate studies. She is interested in people—past people, future people, present people—and sees design as a way to bring out and share the weird and wonderful threads that connect us. She received an MFA in Graphic Design from RISD in May 2020. She is a dual-citizen who grew up in Paris, France & moved to the U.S. in 2007 for college. emilyguez [at] gmail.com